Automatization of Hydromeliorative Systems

Gaziyeva Rano Teshabayevna

Head of the department

candidate of technicality sciences ,professor 

Тел.:  +99871-237-19-98



Department of "Automation and Management of Technological Processes and Production" was established in 1971 under the name of "Automation and Telemechanics". Founder and first head of the department was a doctor of technical sciences, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Holder of the State Medal “Shuhrat” (“Glory”) – professor Peter Baydyuk, who led the department until 1994, and contributed to the opening of three specializations for the economy of Uzbekistan, including "Automatization of Hydromeliorative Systems." In 2003, with the initiative of the professor P.Baydyuk there was opened a bachelor`s degree 521800-Automation and Management (in Water Economy) on the base of the department. In 2010, the department was reorganized and renamed as the Department of "Automation and process control" for preparing bachelors and masters on specialty 5311000- Automation and Management of Technological Processes and Production (in Water Economy). As the head of the department was appointed a disciple of the professor P.Baydyuk – docent A.Usmanov; then in 2013 docent R.Gazieva started leading the department.  The department specializes in training for automation and process control in water industry of Uzbekistan: water distribution and maintenance of automated process control systems for water resources management, automation of waterworks, pumping stations, water supply, water wells, process automation irrigation and water accounting. Training of specialists for automation of technological processes in the production of concrete-products for water systems, irrigation trays, calibrated threshold, special weirs, etc., as well as automation of irrigation and drainage works.

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