At the undergraduate level

The name of the subject

Brief information about science


Introduction to the specialty

The subject "Introduction to Specialization" aims to provide students with the knowledge, practical skills, methodological approach to technical events and processes, and the formation of a scientific outlook.


Electrical Materials. Installation of electrical equipment

The materials used in electrical appliances and protective equipment will be taught to choose and choose. The installation and installation works for the installation of electrical devices and equipment are taught. It will calculate the selection of conductive and conductive cross sections.


Renewable Energy Sources and Technology

The use of renewable energy sources and their types in agricultural and water management, helicopters, water and air heaters, structural elements of small hydro power plants, wind power plants, biogas installations, types of secondary energy resources, basic principles and key performance indicators


Electrical lighting and electrical technology

The regularities of conversion of electricity into other types of energy; physical processes of formation and absorption of optical rays; Conversion of electricity into thermal energy and laws of heat transfer and transmission; physical basis of direct technological effect of electricity


Basics of energy saving

The main quality indicators of electricity are the ways in which energy consumption is reduced in various technological processes and devices; Evaluation of energy efficiency of technological processes; drawing up energy balances of enterprises and devices and drawing up energy characteristics; Creating and evaluating various energy efficiency measures


Fundamentals of scientific research

The role of science and technology in agriculture and water resources of the Republic; bases of scientific research, methods, modeling, statistical processing, active planning of scientific works, preparation of applications for inventions and rationalization proposals on scientific and technical innovations based on the obtained results.


Electrical equipment operation and maintenance

The course teaches the implementation and maintenance of synchronous, synchronous, and electric machines in an efficient and efficient operation of electrical devices and their uninterrupted operation.


Design of complex electrification

design of electrical power systems from agricultural enterprises, types of cable and conductor wires, types and characteristics of protection and commissioning facilities, project assignment, initial data and requirements for the project and basic regulatory documents

At the master's level

The name of the subject

Brief information about science


Scientific research methods and statistical analysis in agroenergetics

The basic principles of theoretical and experimental research in agroenergetics; organization and formation of research; knowledge of the analysis and publication of the results obtained by the results of research;


Exploitation of electric power equipment

Modern methods of operation of electrical equipment of agro-industrial complex, analysis and analysis of results of operation of electrical equipment, methods of protection of electrical equipment in networks of agro-industrial complex


Special Electrothermal and Electrotechnical Processes and Equipment

In the study of special electrothermal and electrotechnical processes and equipment, the following must be able: Theoretical bases of special types of conversion of electric energy into thermal energy and the design of electrotechnical and electrical equipment in agriculture; Problems of using electrotechnology in agriculture;


Rational use of heat and electricity

energetic performance of electrotechnical equipment and processes; know how to reduce power consumption with voltage regulation, theoretical basis for the efficient use of renewable energy sources, and the formation of local energy systems based on renewable energy sources.